The most common stanza form used in English poetry, a quatrain is simply a four-line stanza. It may have a rhyme scheme, a meter, both or neither. The term quatrain also refers to any four-line poem.

    • 1Consider the subject matter that you wish to write about.

    • 2Look at different rhyme schemes before writing your poem and experiment with as many forms as you can. This will help you become more comfortable working with forms and you will be less likely to use the same form every time.

    • 3Select a rhyme scheme either before or while writing. To make the rhyme scheme less noticeable, use slant rhymes and enjambment.

    • 4Write four lines of poetry.

    • 5Repeat as desired, but remember to skip a line when beginning a new stanza.

    • 6Revise as needed.


By: Caroline Harris

The Beach is a fun place,

Where you can run around and play.

You cannot erase

The memories you wish you could replay.

You sit there overlooking the ocean

in a comfy beach chair.

While children laugh with lots of emotion.

You fill with joy as you sit and stare.

The sand in between your toes as you walk.

The salty water that clears your skin.

As you walk all the seagulls’ squawk.

The sand feels paper thin.